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Sep 2, 2022
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South Africa
Hi guys. Your threads have helped me solve some issues over the years. I am happy to be a part of this forum now . I have an issue I hope you can help with. Say for the past month or so my V9X would idle at 1000 rpm after ignition, instead if the normal 900. When this happens I get no response whatsoever from the gas pedal. After switching off the ignition and starting her up again, all is fine. This used to happen only once a week or so. But now even restarting doesnt work. After doing some research I am at the point if thinking the acceleration pedal is faulty. When I unplug it and start the engine She is idling normal at 900 rpm. I have replaced the Suction control valve and fitted a factory diesel filter. Also written out the egr, exhaust gas pressure sensor. After which I blanked the egr. My vehicle was running so much better after this. Up until this point. Please advise about the pedal as this is another 7k. I dont want to replace it only to find that the problem is elsewhere. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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