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Hi guys, just looking for some advice on my 2007 navara, replaced the engine lately and all is back together accept some water pipes behind the drivers side wheel (UK right hand drive) the garage originally took the old engine out in bits so I didn't get the chance to see where those metal pipes connect - any help would be massively appreciated thanks
Just bought a 2008 D22 YD25 with 160, on the clock.

just did the timing chain with the upgrade.

now I need some new tires.. currently has hancook muddies lt 265 75 r16 on it and I am thinking Falkens all terrain.. thoughts?
Hi. My air-conditioning for Navara D40 cools sometimes and does not other times. The gas is properly filled with no leakages. What could the problem be?
Gday everyone would anyone be able to help me out with the fitting instructions for a nudge bar for a Thai built d40 please