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    • dattorob
      re: air flow , yeh i swiss cheesed that area and mounted my number plate lower to improve air flow, but i don't have to contend with...
    • dattorob
      dattorob reacted to Carlito's post in the thread D22 cabin filter with Like Like.
      Hi mate Hi all, only just found this on YouTube. I'm a few years late but here we go
    • dattorob
      dattorob reacted to tweak'e's post in the thread Injector rattle with Like Like.
      i don't think there is any fuel pump timing, not with common rail pumps. timing is all ecu controlled. maybe timing chain, but i suspect...
    • dattorob
      dattorob replied to the thread Meter cluster Fuse blowing.
      likely a short circuit in the reverse light circuit which will draw excess current which is exactly what the fuse protects against...
    • dattorob
      dattorob replied to the thread 2007 d22 zd30 Navara.
      Likely because you ran it too low and it drew some air in, did you crack open the injector pipes at the injector, you need to see fuel...
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