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  • Hi Old.Tony. ive seen ur a wealth of knowledge and pretty helpful on this forum. Hoping u can help me with my question i just posted today. ��
    I doubt there'll be another, 2014 was probably the last. We tried forming a committee to run the 2015 and 2016 events and couldn't even get a committee together, so the assumption is there isn't enough interest.
    Matey would you have any idea where the Map Sensor might be on a D40 550 V6 as mine says that is faulty in the Fault codes but rang Nissan and they say it doesn't have one ?

    Thanks Garry
    I just signed up to navara asia to say thankyou to you for all the information about d40s you've posted on this site over the years.
    I live in a remote area and the information gained from you on this site is priceless.
    Info on the famous snapped timing chain, which was my introduction to navara asia, the AT radiator bypass, fuse locations, knowledge of suppliers of quality aftermarket parts/kits,
    catch cans, EGR mods, the list goes on.

    Please keep up the factual, unbiased, sensible and realistic posts, if all forum members were like you we'd be laughing!
    Haha yeah mate was the bloody battery. I guess you can't trust the indicator on top of them. I got a bigger one with over 600cca now.
    Just didn't want to buy stuff until I was sure.
    Can be expensive that way.
    Thanks again for your support mate.
    Hey Stevo, try a good newish battery, make sure it has a CCA of over 600. I'll PM you as well.
    Hi old tony. My Nav won't start the needles just flicker and that's it. The battery says its charged by the green light on top of it.. Any ideas? The indicators not even flashing when locking or unlocking.. I'm puzzled
    Thanks Tony;
    Big fault of mine I'm afraid, Big Mouth, Small Brain, Trust all, I frighten People with it,
    Thanks again!
    Regards John Richards, Highway Man
    Hi oldtony.
    ive posted this in the forum ...but no replies and was wondering if you could help or would know how... cheers in advance.

    today the second attempt I've made to remove the croosmember on which gear box sits on with no luck. I removed 4Bolts (2 on each side) which by the way... 2of the bolts closer to the chasis was a it of a pain, could hardly get a socket with the rachet on it, removed 3nuts holding the gearbox mount in place.on the crossmember... hoping that with a bit of persuasion the crossmember would come off... boy was i wrong! Used a hammer to dislodge it but no luck!
    After about 1hr.or so... i gave up and put everything back together.*
    QUESTION i remove this.crossmember bar.???
    Is ther a specific way to remove it??? Tried jacking the gearbox up in the hop that it would give enough clearance to slide the.mount off.. but no go..
    Has anyone.done this,
    Hey Tony,

    Is it at all possible to change my user name to Toppy instead of just Topp? When setting up my account I missed a letter. Thanks mate!
    Hi Tony I have check my fuel tank, filter and fuel lines no obvious blokages but my car (V9X) wont rev past 2,900 revs whilst in gear. In neautral it will red line but in gear limited to 2,900 rpm? what are your thoughts?
    hi Tony, hey as a forum moderator you might know the answer to this one: Im just wondering if US ordered shocks are valved differently or are in any other way different from locally sold ones, ie Bilstein...? thanks in advance...
    Hi Mate,
    I just noticed in a post you have the genuine steel bullbar and winch. Can you shoot me a photo of the setup. My mechanic says I am missing the cradle. But I just thought they would mount into the bracket. I have attached a couple photos of my bar.

    Cambo, I can't find anything in the manual that says you can't, but I'm also sure that the later model D22's tray was slightly larger than the earlier models.
    Old, Tony,
    You really are Mr. Navara on here.
    I have just recently purchased a 2003 D22 ZD30. I am wondering if you would have any idea if a new style rail tonneau off a 2013 D22 would fit it? I have tried to have a hunt around the forums but cant find anything. There is one for sale local to me and I thought i would ask the question before purchasing.
    Cheers Cambo
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