Weird DPF, cruise control and rattling sound issues on my -07 Navara

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May 19, 2024
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So I'm not sure if these are related or not but the issues I'm having are:

1. The DPF light keeps coming on. I had a split joint in the exhaust before the DPF filter which I fixed but that didn't seem to help. The light turns off after driving on high rpm for a while.

2. Cruise control can't maintain constant speed. It let's the speed fall below the set value after which it noticeably accelerates thus over-correcting and then lets it fall below the set value again and just keeps rubberbanding like this.

3. The cruise control issue is almost always accompanied by a weird rattling sound that seems to be coming from the engine bay and is in sync with the engine rpm. I've only had this happen at around 2300 rpm at highway speeds, usually with a cruise control enabled. It comes on for a while and then goes away after few seconds. Accelerating or slowing down makes it immediately stop.

I had issues with the engine stalling when indling cold in freezing weather as well as jerking when driving up an incline but I changed the SCV which seemed to fix all of the above issues for about 6 months but now the same symptoms came back. I'm tempred to just replace that valve again but I'm doubtful if that's the culpript. It's denso brand SCV, same as the original. The diesel filter was replaced around 6 months ago aswell. Other things I've noticed which may or may not be related is that the engine oil is slightly above the max but I may have just overfilled it. There's also oily dust around the fuel injector closest to the cabin and I've noticed oily drips on the joint of the flexible hose going from turbo to the intercooler.

I'm really hoping someone can help me sort this out. I've spent hours googling around and I can't find anyone experiencing similar issues.

Video where you can hear the rattle sound
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Yeah so I replaced the SCV and that seems to have sorted it out for now. Too early to say for 100% certainty. I wonder why it only lasted for less than a year. It was a brand new original quality valve.

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