How many km's on your D22 ?

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It's been a few years since an entry went in here, and it's time I updated my kms.
I just hit 400,000. With a new injector pump installed around 20,000 ago, I am hoping to get quite a few more on the clock. Still in great nick inside, but the paint is well faded and clear coat peeling now.
I think it's time to install an intercooler now
And I need to update the signature thing below, will have to look into that...
2010 build,
450 000 ks
52 services, 8 sets of tyres, 1 exhaust manifold, 2 intercoolers, 1 power steering idler bracket, 1 timing chain, 1 rear main seal, 1 clutch, 2 windscreens, 2 radios, 4 sets of driving lights, 2 light bars, 2 bullbars and 4 pairs of batteries as well as countless belts.

Starting to not like towing like it did, or maybe I'm just more conservative now.
417k Km on mine, still original injector fuel pump. Intercooler definitely helps or allows unlocks power especially when a part of other modifications.
285k on 2006 D22 ZD30. Nothing major needed so far, but pretty sure clutch will need to be replaced soon.
400k and runs a charm just added the lift pump mod - need to do the injector line seals through the head (leaking) might get injectors checked while I’m at it.