How many km's on your D22 ?

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Mines almost at 145k now.

Replaced the fan belt the other day.

1 set on tires.

Will be on my third windscreen soon.

That's it I think.
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10/2004 STR with 57,000, wife mainly drives it. I do all these extra mods etc. and i get to drive it on the weekend if i'm allowed.


Just hit 75 000kms today. No major items replaced. Shocks need doing.
2006 str

26, 000kms

bought it used at 15 000km about 4 months ago.

All my previous cars have had over 200,000kms on the before i got them. So its good to have a car thats basically new - Means i can maintain it properly from the get go rather than after years of abuse and skiped oil changes by previous owners
41000 with no problems but now has a cracked windscreen and needs new tyres. 2006 model bought new March 2007. Happy 2nd birthday, Goldilocks. :flowers:

we should have a combined party for our navs, mines got the same bday:wink: