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Sep 30, 2021
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I would like to be guided on if my assumption is wrong. In 2021 my 2012 D40 (RHD/ THAI/ had a problem where the vehicle wouldn't start as there was a communication problem with the ECU. When I tried scanning the vehicle there would be no ECU....took it to the dealer and they said the ECU needs replacing. I was unsuccessful in getting a replacement. I tried going through the connections and the vehicle started working after 8 months fine, now the intake vacuum solenoid keeps shutting the vehicle down......no DTC was generated. I purchased a new one now the vehicle stalls intermittently when I put it in reverse. Does these vehicle have a history of electrical harness defects...... I strongly believe I am the unlucky one.......I am looking for a replacement .
Bit of a puzzling one.

Ok, the intake vaccum solenoid - I assume this is the turbocharger boost control solenoid? It has a vacuum line that goes to the round gold part on the turbocharger? If so, this is a common failure point but it shouldn't shut the car down. It will just make it blow black smoke and perform really poorly.

The only other thing that's controlled by vacuum is the brake booster (and that does NOT go through the solenoid, it's a direct connection from the vacuum pump to the booster).

You may still have some of the original problem here. Try this: remove the screw near the ECU that goes into the bodywork (this is the ECU ground screw). Clean up the metal surface, reconnect the ground and do the screw up tight, test the ECU comes on (can you start the car?) then spray the connection with battery terminal sealer or any good paint (if using paint, consider 2 or 3 coats).

If the BCS still doesn't function properly, you can either get a replacement (about AUD$40 from eBay, AUD$250 from Nissan) or change to a Dawes or Tillix valve which controls the turbo without any input from the ECU.

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