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Mar 10, 2024
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South Africa
Hi all

I have an 04 zd30 in my vehicle, started noticing that I have a power issues.

No smoke, fuel usage was fine, no fault code...

Noticed that I can't go up a hill without going down to 4th and maybe third gear sometimes. Checked fuel filters, then replaced them. Checked the tank, it was clean.

Replaced fuel lines thinking I might be getting aircraft in somewhere, not it. Checked vacuum lines, everything was fine.

The battery died on me, so I replaced the battery hoping it might be a low voltage problem. No luck there either.

Then just for the heck of it I tried to bypass the valve on the throttle body closest to the firewall, and noticed that while idling and me working there the idling became eratic

So I checked and wiggled the wiringloom and there it was. A few wires had rubbed against eachother and opened up causing what I can only say is mixed up communication between the pump and ecu.

I am no Mechanic, and I know just enough to help myself and repair some, not all issues.

when I just got this engine I had a code 0707, blink code. I found that the VP44 pump had 2 wires at the back of the pump that also rubbed the lining off, causing my 0707 code, sealed them up and now I have had many happy km's behind me.

Hope this can help someone someday