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    • Nig
      You may also have a or some leaking injectors possible cause electro magnet failure. Check ohms rates at contact pins top of injectors...
    • Nig
      Nig reacted to Untitled79's post in the thread D40 struggling to start and white smoke with Like Like.
      Thanks heaps for that. I will give that all a try. Only thing is the glow plugs don’t have a rail. They are individual plugs with no...
    • Nig
      Nig replied to the thread High Fuel Pressure P0089.
      If your having fuel pressure problems the rail sensor would probebly be the problem.
    • Nig
      Nig replied to the thread Black Smoke - Another One.
      Iv just replaced my EGR and removed the Blanking and adjusted my turbo to come on a bit quicker. And most all soot has disappeared...
    • Nig
      Nig reacted to Old.Tony's post in the thread Black Smoke - Another One with Like Like.
      EGR doesn't affect the heater. The coolant flowing through the EGR tube is actually cooling the EGR down, not heating the coolant up...
    • Nig
      Nig posted the thread Code 581 in New Members Introductions.
      Hi ppl . Any Gurus on here might know some causes to a problem I have with this code 852 cruise control related. This cruise control is...
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