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Ben Griffith

May 8, 2023
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Hi Guys,

Just had the EGR valve replaced and the mechanic has reported that the two EGR coolant hoses are oil soaked and soft, and recommends replacing them immediately. They have spoken to Nissan who have said that not only are there none in Australia, apparently there is not even an ETA from overseas, meaning they aren't currently in production. Surely these hoses are available somewhere else, or someone has a workaround or alternative part that can get the job done? The part numbers are as follows:



As always, any input or advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi Ladies and Gents,

Just thought I would respond to my own thread now that I have been able to source the correct hoses. Let me start by saying a good Google search DID NOT produce any useful results for the above Nissan part numbers. So if you need these in a hurry don't waste your time.

I was able to find the correct hoses at Nifty little store based in VIC where I was able to find what I needed and ordered up quickly. They haven't shipped yet (only ordered this morning) but I might follow up to confirm how quick the turnaround was once I receive them, for the benefit of others who might want to know this information.

Anyways, the part numbers for these were:

02-1360 Throttle Body to EGR Valve Hose
02-1359 Heater Hose to EGR Valve

Hope this helps somebody out.


Onya Ben.
Thanks for the link - not sure I've seen navarapart before.

Good luck with the repair, keep us updated with what's going on

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