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Dash riprock

May 12, 2021
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Hi I know there are lots of no boost threads but I just want to know about actuator movement at idle. I have a low boost problem and I replaced the boost solenoid (non genuine but not ebay). Still have a boost problem with higher then decreasing boost.
The question is at idle the actuator shakes maybe 2 times a second 5mm or less. Is this normal or do I need to bite the bullet for a new solenoid
Which boost solenoid did you replace? There's the one on top and another at the intercooler.
Check your cabling connections are clean and intact
Have you replaced the small black rubber tubing between all the components? Make sure they are not brittle if you haven't or not twisted or kinked if you have.
Is all your intercooler piping joined tight and without leaking?
With the actuator, is that by your eyes that it's two shakes a second?
Try taking a slomo video on your phone and crop it to one second, then see what it does. Im not sure it does everything that it will do at idle - tho I am probally wrong
Turns out it was the non genuine boost solenoid. Bit the bullet and paid heaps for a new one and all good