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Jun 25, 2021
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Hi all, does anybody have experience with air entering the fuel system on a V9X motor? Problem is between the filter and HP fuel pump. No sign of any fuel leak on the tangle of fuel lines, I pressured up the lines, still no sign of leaks. Put clear plastic pipe on return line from pump to tank and gravity fed fuel into the filter (clear plastic line). No air in the line to the filter but can see spritzes of air sporadically in the return line. Can air enter anywhere in the pump? Has anybody rebuilt the bosch radial piston pump? Can I get a seal kit for the pump? New pump is $1000+!! I'm assuming that it is a pump issue?
Positive pressure fuel feed to pump reduces the problem but if the pump has to lift the fuel from the tank fuel air contamination is worse. I'm considering installing a 12v lift pump near the tank, any body have experience with that exercise?
It's worth checking the in tank pump if it has one. There are lots of posts on various forums that state that this model does not have an in tank 12v pump unless your vehicle is registered in Scandinavia.

This is incorrect, mine is UK reg from new and has an in tank 12v pump with a 4 hose connection on top of the sender unit. I recently had an issue where the ECU wasn't putting power to this pump. A good Auto sparky managed to do a repair on the ECU for me.