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Dec 1, 2023
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West yorkshire
Hi evryone, new member so apologise if this has been discussed, no doubt it has . Im wanting to swap out the now dated sat nav and radio system in my 2010 tekna , done fair bit of research just struggling to source the correct parts. This is my current set up .
And wanting to change to a double din unit so I have to change the dashboard facia to this I believe

Any one had success with this , is there other ways which people have had success with at all, any comments appreciated
Usually people do the opposite.

I'm not sure on how the wiring harness is setup for the SatNav setup you have.

Changing the facia is EASY but it's the wiring that might cause you some grief, if it's the same wiring setup as a non-sat nav Unit, then it's all pretty easy.

You'll lose the USB and 3.5mm jack in the centre console, if you ever used them or wanted them.

I changed my Factory unit to a Generic Android Head Unit and love it.

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