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May 29, 2022
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Nottingham UK
Any body else had this.... the whole chassis looks great apart from the rear cab mounts. All the other mounts are good.
Im wondering if its a easy job...
Side steps off, Clean chassis and remains of old mount, unbolt rubber bush, weld on new mount, fit bush.
Ive seen a guy on ebay (uk) selling 2 rear mounts for £50 to make it a bit easier.



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Never seen such rust on a D22. Going by those pics (which could be deceiving), the body mount is the least of the problems, the rail itself doesn't appear in very good condition. That's from the outside, without knowing if the inside might also be rusted. It doesn't look like a very solid base for welding another mount on.
thats not just a body mount.
don't you guys salt the roads over there in your 51 weeks of winter :p
i would be checking the chassis and body to see how bad that rust is.
It's not as bad as it looks on the photos guys... When I bought it it was absolutely covered underneath in mud.. I've jet washed what I can reach but there is still crud in places. What you can see is surface rust it's still solid. (Honest) 😊
Hi Tidy,

I'm a new member to the forum and have a D22 with the exact same problem you has, rotted cab mount brackets, rear pair, crew cab - what a nightmare!

Tried to remove the mount today - bolt won't budge, even with heat - still working on that problem!

I did get a pair of new brackets but from what I can see on mine (as with yours), there not much good metal to weld to.

How did you sort your problem - I assume you had to do some fabbing and a whole lotta welding before you was able to fit the new mounting brackets.

Let me know what I've gone and got myself into and any tips to ease the pain of repairing?

Where did you get replacement mounts as I need a pair, I’m just preparing mine for repair
Try Billicar in Shrewsbury for Nav Mountings - they sell them in kit form, mountings, fastener's and replacement brackets £194 per side for rear. I'm going to ask them if they can supply rubber mount/bush only so will keep you posted.

Brookes Engineering - (search D22 repair plates on ebay) for all the repair plates - they used my D22 as the template for all the rear plates that are now supplied laser-cut - great price. Chassis Repair Plate Designed to Fit Nissan Navara D22 Models | eBay

Bush (to chassis) mounting plate/bracket for mounting bushes - £30 each or £50 a pair from ebay|tkp:Bk9SR4TWv7rWYQ
If your near Lancashire and you want some work - I'm looking for a garage to take it on - I'd use Billicar but they're a far away in Shrewsbury. Still, I'll keep em in mind if I can't find someone nearer.

Wow, she’s rusting away, I’d be a tad concerned and taking some action straight away. Hopefully you don’t find more once you dig deeper. I’d be spraying all the underside and leaf springs with Inox spray, it’s a water repellent or some other kind of repellent product.
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I have done all the welding but still need two rear cab mount brackets and one tub mount bracket, I don’t want to spend £200 per side though, anyone know where I can get the mounts????

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