2006 Navara D40 Wiring Diagram (selfmade)

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Jan 22, 2022
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Tsonjingboldog / Mongolia
I was actually wondering if such a wiring diagram exists for the 2006 Nissan Navara.
I made such a wiring diagram for my former 1980 Chevrolet Corvette. This took me months of work, but I was able to solve many electrical problems as a result.
I made this via various websites and manuals.
Is there such a thing?


  • 13.090 Wiring - 1980 Wiring diagram Corvette-ZZIP PDF.pdf
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Hi All,
First of all, best wishes for 2024 to the entire Navaraforum team and to all members.

In the meantime I have started making the wiring diagram for the 2006 Nassan Navara D40 YD25BBTi.
This work will certainly take months.

However, I have a question about connectors.
What did the letters "M, E, F, ....." mean for the connector number?

Thanks in advance


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Hi all,
After three weeks I already have something on paper.
It's a start, because it will take a few months before I plan the complete wiring.
I make this for my Navara,
2006 D40 YD25D.

I hope you like it,


  • 2006 Navara D40 YD25 - Wiring.jpg
    2006 Navara D40 YD25 - Wiring.jpg
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Thanks Tony,
but it's not easy, this morning I look at the wiring of my left taillight and those wires are completely different from the Nissan drawings.
I have also found several errors in the Wirind diagram.
That will be a puzzle!
I'm shoving an NP300 into a 2005 Pathfinder (YD25). The original shut of valve is of the vacuum type but I want to retain the NP300 valve from the new engine. Unable to find any documentation and obviously dont have the Navara wiring in my truck so I decided decided to pull it apart. I now know what the wiring is and how to plug it in the '05 Nissan Pathfinder. Albeit I will have a standalone mcu to control it. Here bleow is the pinoutof the 16119 EC electronic valve unit. The not used pin here is used on the EGR Valve unit though.


  • 16119 EC00A pinout.png
    16119 EC00A pinout.png
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I don't know if this wiring diagram can help you.
First of all I want to say that this wiring diagram is definitely not ready yet.
Second, this diagram is for a 2006 D40.
While drawing I already found some mistakes.
When I checked my D40 2006, there were already differences between the manual and my D40.
But maybe this will help some.


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Thanks Peter, i was thinking of something like this myself, but just tapimg various printouts on the kitchen floor ...........