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General Information

Navara D22, ZD30
Purchased second hand in May 2013. Completely stock with 177 000 on the clock.


Factory alloy bull bar; Rhino Racks; homebuilt steel roof rack in tub; Ebay snorkel; pull out awning.
Canvas seat covers; Oricom UHF radio; Racetech boost gauge on A-pillar. Engine Watchdog TM1 temp gauge.
In-Car Entertainment
Double din JVC CD/Tuner.
Under the Hood
Dual batteries, Redarc isolator, 60ah Supercharge Allrounder in homemade tray; EGR/ butterfly mod; Forefront small catch can; DIY top mount intercooler with 6 inch thermo fan; Bonnet scoop.
EFS rear leaves, EFS shocks all round.
Wheel and Tyre
BF Goodrich AT's.


Hey ben how are ya mate my names jamie was just wondering where you got ur intercooler and have u got a bonnet scoop for it? Do you need one and pretty interested in the makin of your home made dual tray pretty sweet nav you got anyway be good to hear back from ya
G'day Jamie,
I got the intercooler off ebay. The listing for the one I bought has ended- here's the link anyway.
*I just found out through another thread that this cooler is available from
The core size is 200mm x 140mm x 65mm. A few other guys on the forum have exactly the same intercooler but have mounted and plumbed it a bit differently. I did mine this way as it was the only way it would fit with my auxiliary battery. I also like it cause I was able to incorporate the original pipe from the turbo outlet with no modification ( except for blocking the take off for the boost sensor line) which means if I have to I can put it back to original quickly & easily on the side of the road.
The intercooler set up is very recent (I just finished it last weekend) so it's still a work in progress. I don't have a bonnet scoop yet but it is on the agenda. I'm looking on ebay for a scoop and a small thermo fan to help with the heat soak in the cooler at low speeds. For me the main reason for having the intercooler is to protect the engine in case the turbo compressor wheel disintegrates.
As for my auxiliary battery tray, I just started with a universal tray from Supercheap, and some 3mm flat bar from Bunnings which I bent and welded to the tray for support struts. I also used some scrap angle I had lying around to weld up a bracket for the fuel filter. I had to drill one hole in the seam at the top of the firewall for the top support strut, otherwise I used existing threaded holes in the wheel arch. Two on top to hold down the tray itself, and two for the other support struts. From memory I used M6 bolts. The auxiliary battery has been in since May this year & I'm very happy with the strength of the tray. In August we did a trip to Black Point on Coburg Peninsular. The Murgenella Road is renowned for having about 300km of some of the worst corrugations in the Top End and the tray and battery didn't budge. Here are some photos I took of the tray out of the vehicle and installed without the battery. Sorry I don't have any measurements or plans as such- I just winged it. If you can weld and have access to basic tools it's not too difficult.
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Finished adding my bonnet scoop and thermo fan over the weekend. I might have to start a build thread soon & put all my mods together in one thread! Over the past few months I've managed to finish most of the things I really wanted to do on the nav. The only other thing which I'm keen to do in the near future is a snorkel.
I'm sure there will always be something though- it's the never ending project. Ha Ha!
Hey mate. Just replied to one of your comments on the intercooler thread about what bonnet scoop and fan you are running. I've just seen these pics and noticed the 6" fan and what looks like a factory d22 scoop. Is this correct?
hey ben thanks heaps for reply mate ive had trouble loggin in back on my computer and ive been flat out so its been a while since been ur all over it dude that's a big help what uve done is killa cheers for pics to mate.yeah the list is goes on its money money money and time anyway mate thanks again have a gooden

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