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General Information

Nissan Navara
Polar White
Purchased new, only owner


ARB Bull Bar, ARB Rear Step Tow Bar, ARB Canopy, Nissan Snorkel, IPF Super Rally Spotlights, GME UHF Antenna, LED Light Bar.
Custom Rear Door Trims, Autron pillar Pod, Auto Meter Boost, Pyro, Self Made Rear Draw System with Fridge Slide, Cargo Barrier and Wire Shelves, Air Pump With 5L Tank.
In-Car Entertainment
Kenwood DVD Player, Kicker Speakers, Vortex Standard UHF.
Under the Hood
Dual Batteries, Redarc BCDC 1220, YD25 Double Row Timing Chain. EGR Mod, Provent 200 Catch Can, Turbo Smart Boost Controler, Steinbaur Chip,
Rancho RS9000XL Shocks, Rancho Incab Adjustment Kit, Calmini Upper Control Arms, Sax 3Ds Rear Leaf Springs, HD Torsion Bars,
Wheel and Tyre
Stock For Now


Still the Sax leafs. But running rancho adjustable's on minimum and have a heavy draw system in the back. It still gets a bit harsh on empty tanks but when they are it rides nice. The springs are a good idea, just the customer service and the lies are what puts me off. I didn't even get a new set of springs. They looked like some revamped set that probably got returned for being to hard. Over all not happy and they didn't even offer to set it rite.
I was looking at them but price and what others have said, changed my mind back to Tough Dog. Had Tough Dog on my old lackaroo didn't have a problem the lackaroo on the other hand biggest hunk of junk out
Yeah they are not cheap. I don't even think they are made in au. I will do more research next time that's for sure.
The Sales hype of the sax is enough to make anyone buy it. A leaf that flexes I'd buy that
Hey mate nice setup its almost the same as what im thinking of getting, the only difference is i currently have a full ToughDog 2" lift installed, i was wondering how you find the rancho`s?? i`m about to add superior UCA`s and thought id change from Tough Dog to Rancho`s up front but am unsure if its worth it as the whole suspension is only 7k old. Do you have extended shackles in the rear?? i`m unsure if they area good idea.
Thanks mate. It's a work in progress. Still a lot I want to do to it. The ranchos work well in the front but I only got them because I need the adjustment for the rear. The SAX springs need a very light shock to make them work unloaded so the ranchos worked perfect for that. I also have the Incab adjuster so I can reset them on the run if need be. Nothing wrong with tough dog though. If I could have got them in an adjustable I would have used them.
Ah yeah I don't have extended shackles either. They are illegal in most stated anyway I think.

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