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  • Hi all does anyone have a pic of the location of the banjo bolt and screen filter on a d40 Spain built nav I am going through the list of possibles for sluggish take off acceleration cheers
    Hey guys just wondering I have a 08 D40 spain built and iam reading about this Banjo bolt with this small strainer filter at the fuel pump does anyone have any pics on its location. My d40 has developed over time when cold and at off idle it seems to have nothing at all I have to balance with clutch and throttle not to stall. Iam changing filters then looking towards the scv any ideas anyone Cheer
    Hi everybody iam just changing the fuel filter on my 2008 d40 Spanish build. Can anybody help me with the location of this basket filter that iam reading about while iam at it I thought I may as well clean/replace that at the same time. Any pics and information would be great. Cheers all
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