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  • Hi there all
    recently purchased new Navara st 2010 I am very happy with it except for the fuel economy.
    I carry some where between 400 and 600 kg on any given day, I am experiencing really bad fuel economy, when working with the load in I would expect it to be not the best, how ever since day one I have never hit 500km per tank on average I get 400km 440km at best.

    Recently went on a trip to the gold coast, with no gear and just few cloths and kids ( a lot less than normal) the best range I got over the 2500km travelled was 450km to a tank.


    Any one got any suggestions to rectify this issue or any possible causes.

    She has been serviced every 10k and runs well, blows no smoke and has plenty of power, but is really thirsty.

    Cheers Mick
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