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  • Hey Dave. I'm new to the forum. Just bought a navara d22 2006 3L. I was just after a wiring diagram as I want to install my Alarm and immobiliser. Thanks in advance
    Sent as PM. I buggered up and just started prattling away in this visitor area.
    Dave your a legend.
    Gday dave. Quality is outstanding, no problems there. Performance increase was noticable both in power and torque and also fuel consumption came down a bit. The problem with the standard fitment is that it requires you to cut a hole (50mm) in your bullbar mount, I was not keen on this so I had them modify mine for the pipe to go around the bull bar mount. ASE did that for me, cost $400 for them to fit it up. You need to pull out the intercooler pipes when you change an oil filter, but that is pretty easy. I don't have any photos with me, am away on work at the moment. Have a look through dave's thread, he has some photos in there. Overall I am very happy with it. The main reason I got it was because last year my turbo died and went through the motor. The intercooler will catch any bits before it gets into the motor. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
    Hay mate, yeah the manual downloaded fine, I think it is a .zip file so you may need winzip or winrar to open it at 1st then it is just a .pdf
    Yeah I got the untre at the end of Jan, has been great, needed a new clutch and I have done a few other mods myself but it is a great car. Would be good to get a few more local Ballarat people on here to go out with. If you join up as a full member, and keep an eye on the Vic Trips thread there will surly be something going on.
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