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May 2, 2021
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Victoria, Australia
Hey folks does anyone have a template lying around for a TJM snorkel for a 2.5 diesel?

I scored one at a Wreckers and hoping to install it next week I’m in the Melbourne area (well Nr Seymour really Central Vic)...

I contacted TJM in Coburg and even though they install snorkels they have no spare templates lying around nor can you buy them separately. Anyone any advice on how I can fit it without the template?
Make a cardboard template of the face that bolts onto the fender ... CAD they call it ... Cardboard Aided Design.

Then you can play around with the position. I'm assuming you've checked with the wrecker ... if the donar vehicle fender is still there you have a template to measure.
Cardboard Aided Design genius thanks buddy.

The wing was damaged as I would of prob taken it with the snorkel attached...I’ll ring and see if they’ll let me grab it for a template...👍🏼
apologies to richnav - i didnt see his reply till now - it was a bit of a fluke i saw this one!
I have it (+instructions) but it does not lend itself to scanning at all - it is a single 3ft+ sheet of paper.
I am going to slice it up and post the scans with reference measurements to aid reconstruction - along with the instructions. stay tuned.
See attached - its a 5 page PDF with the overall template cut into 4 x 200mm wide sections and section 5 being whats left over.
On section 1, the 200mm measurement is taken from the SOLD line on the left (to the left of the dashed line).
I have added some other reference measurements around the main cut hole etc.
The process will involve printing the PDF WITH NO PRINT SCALING and then confirming the measurements with a RULER - primary the 200mm widths.
If all is right, cut it out, stick it together. The OVERALL length of the template from the solid line on the left of page one to the right hand edge of section 5 AS MARKED is 920mm. If you get that right, you should be golden.
Take heed of the note in caps at the top of the template - dont do what I did and just drape it over the guard - otherwise the hole(s) will be too low........
Press the template up against the guard and into the curves.
Dont bother me if you f* it up. Use your brain and confirm as much as you can what you mark out before you take to it with a frikkin drill.
If you want some other reference measurements to confirm, let me know.
Note that the pictures in the instructions as they are in the PDF are the same as they are on the print out..... not overly useful.



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