Switch back to Single Mass Flywheel Clutch from Dual Mass .. 2007 D40 Navara ST-X SPAIN VSK

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Feb 27, 2023
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Looking at the Switch back to Single Mass Flywheel Clutch... from a Dual Mass.

Q: Is it as simple as buying a OEM/Heavy Duty clutch kit with Solid Flywheel,
and it will be a direct bolt on?

Q: Possible to pick up a solid single mass flywheel only & bolt that on & combine with the existing pressure plate & xfer case if theyre not even worn down??
I have looked online alot & so far cant seem to just find just a flywheel, only kits including them.

Sorry, i havent fitted clutches personally before.. so i am not aware if its a straight swap between Dual Mass and Solid Mass,
though i just spoke to a friend at new year who is a mechanic,
and he reckons its just a straight swap, and uses same bolt holes etc etc.. to bolt a SOLID single mass flywheel clutch kit on.

*Looks like my 2nd dual mass flywheel clutch has failed.
*Total slipping, undriveable. Got progressively worse every drive over maybe 6 weeks.
*wasnt real noticeable until it was, then rapidly got worse every drive.
*This is 2nd time a dual mass clutch has gone on me.
*First Dual Mass Clutch went just after i bought it at just over 20,000km after it was fitted by prev owner.
*Truck came with a receipt for $3300 inc fitting for that
*I had the Clutch replaced with another Dual Mass Flywheel Heavy Duty Clutch kit at a shop asking for an Exedy. Cost me $2500 fitted.
*I notice recently the receipt states the Flywheel was machined (On a dual mass !!!??!!? That could be why its failed now if its worn down too much to contact the clutch plate)
*After 28,000km a component of the replaced Dual Mass Clutch i paid $2500 has apparently failed (I suspect could be just the flywheel itself)
*Shop wont come to the party as theres only 12month manufacturer wty on parts & its been 17 months.
*Silly me going for another Dual Mass, but i didnt know they suck.. one my mates reckons their better, another mechanic mate reckons theyre Sh*t in his words.
*Should listened to the mechanic mate, though he didnt tell me why he thinks that when i asked, must not been in mood to explain.
*On other posts i since researched here on Navaraforum, i have seen multiple comments dual masses are NOT GOOD
*Latest Clutch never burned, never ridden, never smelling clutch smells (only ever smelled it one time reversing up a steep driveway)
If you have a read through the Exedy website, they talk about how their single mass flywheel and clutch assembly have been designed to emulate a dual mass without the downsides.
Whilst not the only manufacturer of dual mass replacements, they seem to be the one of choice.
In other words, you need to get full set rather than just the flywheel.
If you have a read through the Exedy website, they talk about how their single mass flywheel and clutch assembly have been designed to emulate a dual mass without the downsides.
actually exedy state
"While the SMF
system is a popular choice, it’s
important to note that despite the
durability and price advantages, the
SMF systems do not possess the same
dampening characteristics as a DMF"


there is no way you can replicate the dampening effect with a single mass clutch, otherwise every OEM would be doing it.
single mass can cause vibration issues with engine and gearbox. it may just be a noise thing or it could cause bearing issues, its your risk.
also note : https://www.exedy.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/pdf/Tech Note 055.pdf
Please note, it is possible to incorrectly locate this Dual
Mass Flywheel on the crankshaft. To ensure correct
positioning of the flywheel, please ensure that the
arrow (See figure 1) is aligned with the crankshaft
dowel during installation.
That wont matter for me when i never go a dual mass ever again after 2 failures at 20k and 28k (both professionally shop fitted), however thats great info and its always possible even a shop could made the mistake if they dont fit clutches much and didnt know this about the dmf hole and down u r mentioning. Certainly consistent with the clutch slipping so much theres no clutch after such low kms i have experienced. I point out again, ive never rode the clutch or burned it, and never smelt a thing of clutch burn, its justy almost gotta be the flywheel going out in my mind