D40 Airbag clockspring replacement indicators won't self-cancel

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Sean H

Sep 8, 2023
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I recently had an airbag light on, no horn and no cruise control. I ordered a new clockspring from a Fleabay supplier. The part was reasonably priced and fitted up o.k, but took several attempts to clear the fault (navara.....).

On the next outing I noticed that my indicators would not self-cancel, except on big turns. Upon examination, I found that the self-cancel ramps were at approximately11 and seven o'clock on the hub, reference my thumb and forefinger. See image.

Comparing this to another part stamped 'R8' rather than 'L8' I found that the self-cancel ramps were at around 1 and 5 o'clock. (Arrows). I fitted this part and resolved the problem.

The conclusion here is that some clocksprings out there are for LHD vehicles, where the indicator stalk is on the left side of the column.

Hope that helps D40 drivers who like to effectively communicate intended change of direction to other road users.


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