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May 29, 2024
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Firstly sorry for another questions post regarding thinking about buying this car.

I looked through a couple post but wanted to reconfirm with some other questions before I purchase one.

1. Any one with this car know how much the quality of oil may affect shitting the timing chain? I presume like most cars if I change the oil/filter regularly she will be right, but wondering if anyone has had experience on whether the quality matters as I would be looking to make mine last.
2. How good would you say she is on long road trips? / Taking her out camping in general. I am not looking to tow whatsoever, so power isn't a stress, I can put up with the slow acceleration too.
3. I cannot recall the name, but the clicks it makes when you put the wheel in full lock , I think this is known for the d22, I hear a simple doorstopper from bunnings should fix that up? Just wanted some peoples experiences

otherwise how much does it cost you to maintain her? (if you have one currently)
Also some good tyre choices for off -road would be greatly appreciated.

I've owned mine since new - same model 2013 D22. I'd previously owned a 2010 from new prior to buying this one.

They were a very inexpensive Ute to buy new. I paid $26,990 drive away with 12 months rego. The down side of that is that because they were so cheap new, a lot of them weren't looked after very well by their 1st owners. It also means that they are very affordable used Ute option for young drivers who can sometimes tend to not look after things.

Having said that, if you know who has owned it & trust them to have serviced it regularly, it should be OK.

Mine is still very much stock & has only ever cost me servicing, batteries & tyres. I tow an 8x5 caged trailer with it pretty much daily & its still on original clutch & brake pads.

Answering your questions;

1. I run whatever suitable oil is on special through mine, never had any issues with the timing chain.
2. It's been all over the outback & have never had any issues.
3. The steering stops do make an awful noise, I live with it.

I do a huge amount of outback dirt roads with mine. You'd think that the air filter would clog up with red dust, but it actually stays very clean. So the filters last a long time. I change engine oil & filter every 5K/6 months & other fluids every 5 years.

But, these aren't trendy, they're slow, they're clunky & they lack the latest technology. They're also small compared to later offerings.
The stopper noise is something you get used to. I know it sounds ungodly at times ,but just put some grease on them every month if it bothers you.
If you are doing some rough driving camping, winding up the torsion bars in the front would help, and definitely a better rear spring pack. Even an extra leaf and helper Spring would be better for rear loads. The back seat is not for adults. On longish drives 2hrs + they will hate it.
My other vehicle is a '14 Colorado, and it is way ahead of a d22. Bigger, smoother. If you're getting a d22 at a good price, go for it, but I agree Kevin, about the same vintage, there are better options.
I have a 2014 D22, second owner first owner was a farmer, as Kevin mentioned any suitable quality oil, mine has 135000 plus on the clock never had timing chain issues. I go camping towing a CUB weekender camper trailer never any issues, one good thing with the D22 it’s simple design makes it robust in normal 4x4 driving. I periodically use a fuel additive and have installed a idrive, which makes a difference but I’m aware it’s a 98kw and don’t try to compare it with other twin cab 4x4’s. I’ve added a catch can, and remove the intercooler every 6 months and clean it with kero, my steering makes a noise if I over steer. To own a D22 is to love a D22, enjoy.


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