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Hi there all... this is my first post on here. I've just recently purchased a SAAS st4105-1014 catch can kit, for my 2008 nissan navara d40 stx 2.5l turbo diesel 126kw, and am wondering how is the easiest way to remove my intercooler, I have bolt on bumper bar not stock plastic one, and am also wondering what is the best way to clean intercooler before installing my catch can
Anybody help or know if oil sump pan, hard to change in v9x v6 550?
Hi Mark, My first question is why? However if it really required, it's a major operation, engine out, front timing cover and the rear main seal bolts to both the block and sump. Definitely not a job for the backyard mechanic, engine out is pretty big task on it's own let alone the rest.

Have a D40 non starter.
Had it come in as non starter (No key) also no fuel in it.
Had key programmed eventually got diesel bled.
GOT 300+ bar fuel in fuel rail but still wont start.
Any ideas....?
Hello Angie,
I have recently joined this forum, and only posted one question.
I have recived a number of hostile and offensive replys from another member.
How can this be stoped?
Cheers, wayne.
I've got a 07 d40 auto an the reverse lights are stuck on , I'm thinking gear box switch? But I can't find it ? Cheers
Hi guys my 2006 d22 zd30 had a loom burn out I’ve just fixed it all everything is working but the idle is very high does anyone have any ideas on what it could be
My 2008 Nissan navara keeps going into limp mode. This is after i change all filtters. The engine light comes on sometime.
It was ok Yesturday when went for a drive for about a hour. Then it did it once way home.
Last night i disconnected the battery and this morning got about 200metre down the road and limp mode again.
Im at a lose why can someone help