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Apr 1, 2020
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Hi All, Getting straight to the point.
I have a 2013 Navara D40 V9X (Spanish Built) and I am needing to change the radiator.

Problem!!, I cant see how to remove the radiator from the side mounting brackets. I am sure I have removed everything needed however I am unsure of how in the lords name you get the radiator out of the support.

The radiator only pushes down about 1cm so it wont clear the locating pins on the top tank of the radiator and even if it would slide down I cant see how to remove it from the mounts unless it is supposed to come out the bottom.

Has anyone removed the radiator from the V9X?

please ask any questions and I will answer them urgently!! Any and all help is appreciated :)


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Oct 3, 2009
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Mid Coast Region, NSW, Australia
This thread still exists, but it appears that nobody's answered it.

We don't seem to have had too many people eager to take on radiator removal on the V9X. Hell, I've not done it on my YD25 - I had my local mechanic do it. I'll do the intercooler, but not the radiator.

You'd have to be aware of the transmission cooler lines as well - I would expect the V9X to be similar in this respect to the YD25. Also be careful with the bolts holding the electric thermal fan in place, so they don't jag on the air conditioner's condensor.

If there are transmission cooler lines to the radiator, clamp them before disconnection and have a container ready underneath to catch the ATF as it comes out. I've had mine disconnected, I use 2 external coolers now, and leave the radiator purely for cooling the engine. This isn't for efficiency - it's so that my radiator can never contaminate the gearbox and vice versa.

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