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May 19, 2022
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I have a problem. Or, at least my 2014 Spanish built D40 Navara does. The tailgate lock fell into the tailgate last weekend. I undid a few screws off the inside panels, removed them and fished the locking mechanism out.
The tailgate locking mechanism is held in place by a round brass, internally threaded slug that fits inside a round plastic extrusion. This round plastic extrusion has cracked away on one side and has other cracks showing around it. It is a moulded part of the complete, generally black coloured, "V" section of the Navara tailgate, a D40 trademark. Has anyone experienced this and managed to fix it without replacing with a completely new "V" section, which would probably cost a motza? It is a bit of a weird way to secure the lock in place. The broken plastic extrusion has a squarish raised wall section around it about 1 cm high, which has cavities and connecting ridges to the 1cm high broken round raised section that holds the brass slug in place. A hex screw is then screwed through a flanged hole of the locking mechanism into this brass slug. Hope I explained that properly. Anyway, I've cleaned all the grease away from this area. What I was wondering is, if I fill all the surrounding cavities with "JB Weld" (like Araldite, only better), with the brass slug in place, would this be strong enough to hold it when refitting the hex screw and lock mechanism? Anyone with better ideas?

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