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Aug 27, 2022
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I recently purchased the SuperPro HD sway bar for the Nav as it was on sale, and I have to say it’s easily the best comfort modification I’ve done.

First of all, My Nav has 2” Suspension, 2” Body lifts and a bullbar up front, and the original sway bar just wasn’t cutting it. Way too much body roll and I felt like I was going to tip going around roundabouts sometimes.

So I went out and got the SuperPro HD Sway Bar and installed it the other weekend, and after a week and a bit of driving around it’s easily showed itself as an extremely beneficial mod. Going around roundabouts isn’t scary anymore and I feel like I can actually use a bit more throttle without tipping. It may be unrelated but before the new sway bar, in tight turns my rear wheels were spinning a slight bit even if I was going very slow, now the bus feels very grounded and stable.

I’ve also driven down a main road and tried swerving from the left of the right to the road and it was so comfortable.

I will say, the install itself was an absolute prick due to the bushing mounts being rusted and seized (had to spend an hour drilling out the old bolts lol) but realistically it should be quite and easy job for most people.

If you have $300 and some spare patience I highly recommend going and getting a new sway bar, you’ll feel a lot safer and have more fun behind the wheel.
Jul 10, 2014
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Baja,Mexico/or USA
I got same results as mine is lifted. 2 1/2 suspension 3 in body lift with 16in tires at 33in. In my case I got a used sway bar. Off a American gas v6 frontier d22. It is more then twice thick as stock. Also urethane bushings handling on or off road fantastic

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