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Apr 12, 2021
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I have a 2014 D40 STX 550 (Tub/ Soft Tonneau) with old man emu suspension (purchased the car recently - 2014 model). From what I can see, the bushes are a bit worn and both front/back shocks are sagging. (the front is nearly dropped -20mm and the back probably more with rear leafs looking more like a frown than a smile).
The car front has ARB bullbar, scrub bars/steps, as well as Spotties, light bar (on bullbar) and UHF antenna, also warn winch with steel rope. I also have a Yakima roof tray with 2x2.5 awning and a shower awning and a rear awning to cover tub if its raining). I also have 31" AT tyres on stock 17" rims.

I loaded the car with everything I have for camping and weighted in 2.94t GVM 3.04t) (front was 1.56t back was 1.38t, so heavy and particularly front heavy). Seemed high versus my weight estimates, (although that included portable toilet with water, kings draw and all cooking items, 50lt water tank, maxtrax fridge and slide, full recovery gear, swag, tent, sleeping bags, table, 3 chairs dual volt 120Ahr battery/inverter) chainsaw/axe, stove / gas bottle and of course full tank of diesel and myself.
the car is used to go to bunnings and for 4wd/camping mainly and leave most things in the tub. So the load will not change that much and I currently do not tow anything.

I am looking into getting a new suspension upgrade to replace the sagging/worn one / whatever is practicable -up to 2" lift and looking for advice.
1. seems the stx 550 has less kits available and not the same / compatible with standard D40, is this the case? Can anyone suggest what is so different and is there anything i should avoid/lookout for?
2. I was looking at Fulcrum formula, dobinsons & tough dog as they all specify the STX550 compatibility. (probably leaning to Dobinsons but open to being swayed a different way as its potentially the most expensive)
3. I have received various advice for adjustable upper control arms, some say its necessary, some say its not for a 2" lift, do I need these as it appears its another $800
4. my intent to to run 31" mud tires, however, if it works could look into 33", assuming its not a lot of messing around to get them to fit.

Any advice is appreciated including where in Melbourne CBD or surrounds is a reliable place to purchase/fit.



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Sep 23, 2011
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North of 16 deg.s South.
Can't really advise you but just relay my own experience. I ended using Dobinson's stiffest raised springs with Bilstein shocks after being advised it was a good combination and worked well together. I ended up with a good lift at just a bit over 50mm. I can get alignment- (0 deg.) but only just. Can attest it does work well. I have the Thai version that does have the eccentric camber bolts on the fore and aft part of the lower control arm.

As for down travel there is enough there for my needs. The shocks/ struts actually bottom a couple of mm before the top control arm hits the coil bucket. On some rough uneven tracks it doesn't hang the front in the air. Not that I have noticed :) I run 265 x 75 X 16 tires on standard rims (don't know what that is in inches) with no scrubbing.

As for running 33's they can create issues. It will affect your acceleration, it won't feel so lively off the line. Probably not such and issue with the V6 but the biggest one is the braking. It will not be so efficient. particularly if your carrying plenty of weight A lot of guys lose sight of that with large diameter tires.


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Sep 24, 2016
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The V6 engine model is the same as the 2.5 and the 4.0 petrol as far as the chassis is concerned.
A 2" lift does need the adjustable upper control arms, but most lifts tend to be 1.75", so you should be ok.

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