STX 550 still issues with sports/ manual mode

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Jun 21, 2024
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Hi to all well I am back with the same issue on my 2nd cluster they seem to work fine for about 12 months then the issue with DS and manual mode happens again I have been driving in normal mode for 6 months now and I am trying again to get somewhere with this issue I can tell you it’s not the gearbox TCM it’s not a bad solder joint and it’s not the gear selector micro switches
I have narrowed it to a software issue
When I have the problem I stop the vehicle and press the clock button on the left side of the cluster and hold it in and turn ignition on wait a few seconds and goes into test mode let it perform the test and push and hold same button in and seems to work for a while but then goes back to not working again anyone else found a proper fix for this issue it’s driving me insane and Nissan could not run a brothel in a shit storm they make the cars and don’t even know how they work so if you are having this issue don’t bother with a Nissan dealer ship
Anyway had my rant
The kindest regards Pete