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Nov 19, 2022
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Hi All,

Just looking for some ideas and brands that people know work.

I'm going to be replacing the rear springs with a new set as my old ones have done their dash. I don't really want to raise the ute any higher than it is, however i realise that every set of new springs seems to raise it to some degree and understand the why behind this. I also want to fit new shock's that will suit the springs.

The smallest lift seems to be about 40mm, and i would really like to keep it at that - i think i want a variable spring rate of 0 up to 300 or maybe 0 up to 400 kg (it will do wood collection off road, but not hard of road, more heavy move over rough surfaces).

So my questions:
1. does anyone have a set of springs and shocks they would recommend for this use? and
2. if i go with your brand, would i need to replace the rear shackles or will the standard set fit with the new springs and shocks?

Thanks for any thoughts