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May 13, 2022
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So I installed a ppd 3” exhaust a month or so ago and wanted to let everyone know my experience.
Upon getting it delivered it appeared the box had been opened and taped up again, opened it up and checked the contents it appeared everything was there except a gasket and set of bolts 🤦🏼‍♂️ I started dismantling the original exhaust and figured out I was missing a bracket and rubber mount that needed to be installed just after the transfer case and the mount that was supplied for the transfer case was actually welded the wrong way so it pulled the exhaust up and into the floor pan and rattled like hell after 2 trips to the warehouse to get the parts that I paid postage for they gave me a “complete new fitting kit” which had the right mount for the transfer case that’s how I figured out it was welded wrong, as there is no parts list for the exhaust you just expect to get everything you need delivered and figure it out. After asking staff for more instructions as they were very limited they sent through there “installers” pictures and references so I have included them in the post. Also the dump pipe is thicker and you have to remove a stud from the turbo and replace 3 out of 4 mounting points with longer bolts and I haven’t been able to re install the heat shied on the dump pipe either. Hope this helps some of you tackling this project out there turned into a three day ordeal for me with missing parts and snapping studs in the turbo 🤣 but you get that. happy enough with the results of the exhaust for the price but would definitely choose a different option next time. Cheers


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Jul 10, 2020
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Eudunda SA
I've done one of these to my ZD30, I managed to get the heat shield back on by cutting away at it right where it was making contact. I was also lucky enough to not snap a stud off in the turbo but dear god were they a pain in the ass to get out.

To be fair to them, my kit showed up with everything I needed and didn't look like it had been opened, though the hanger in the middle section was way wider than it needed to be so it was knocking on my long range fuel tank. I cable tied it away from there and it ended up knocking on the bold for my leaf springs right at the back. Wound up chopping it down and now it sits really well.


Mar 1, 2021
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Sucks to hear that yours didn't go smoothly. I got a PPD 3 inch system installed last week at my local exhaust shop because I know it's a dog of a job with those turbo studs and firewall clearance. The guy who installed it shared my opinion. I did pre-spray every bolt I could reach a few days before with some penetrating fluid which helped.

The actual kit from PPD was delivered quickly and had no missing components. Now installed there is no rattles and it sounds mint. I've got a little hot dog on mine instead of the straight through. Sounds beefy but not too loud, heaps more turbo whistle.

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