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Jan 9, 2022
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Hi I've got a 2007 vsk d40 it has a yd25 which has been freshly built put it in took a bit to start but got there,
On about the 5th start long cranking and po335 and po403 code appeared
First up I've swapped out crank and cam sensors. Looked at wires for damage, pulled down front of motor to check timimg reset it for good measure .
I'm now looking at wires and ecu
I've hooked up my scanner and put it in live feed I've noticed at idle both cks tdc readings were around 780 rpm speed then for a about 4 seconds the 1st one jumped to 4300rpm the 2nd dropped to 0rpm
The engine didn't alter rpm and up popped the fault codes and back to square one any ideas I'm not sure how to test ecu or how to find point of interference
Any help would be appreciated thanks Dave

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