Odd diff noise, I think

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Feb 14, 2023
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Hey guys if someone could help me with this it would be great.

I have a 2011 D40, 4x4, MT. 290k on clock This is my daily drive to work, about 150km round trip.
2 weeks ago I started to hear a strange noise while I was coasting down a hill. My first instant was to change my oils as it had been a while, but no change to the noise. So I did some testing and the following is the information I hope will help someone.

The noise only happens when in gear but no accelerator pressure.
Once I move out of gear noise stops( either placing mt in neutral or applying the clutch)
If any pressure if applied to accelerator noise stops
Noise is in all gears(reverse included)
The sound changes with increase in speed
No change to noise with RMP change
Breaking does not change the noise
I have changed all oils in drive line(front diff, mt, trans case, rear diff. No change to noise)

If there is anything else you guys wanna know.. help would be great
Just have similar type noise. Squeaking noise from rear thought it was stone caught in rear wheel area. Most noise when in first gear then goes away when travelling in upper gears. Told by garage “ driveshaft going into rear diff” (no idea what that means) but if I don’t use 4wd it won’t effect me. Only the noise drivin me batty. Any suggestions or questions welcome