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Feb 1, 2016
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ACT, Australia
Hi All,

This is Kevin here from Bushmans Bits (the guy who created and supplied the first EGR plate for the NP300).

I've been getting quite a lot of questions about whether or not my plate works with the new twin turbo engines. Well I can confirm, tried and tested, that it works a treat!

Please support us by visiting our website, rather than buying from all the Chinese copy cats out there.

Thanks fellas n fillies,


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Aug 9, 2017
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Bribie Island
I just punched "NP300 EGR" into FB search and it popped straight up. There's a post in the group "Aussie 4wd Navara NP300". - Some good info. - Apparently the manuals can be totally blocked, and the autos need a 8mm hole or some electronic trickery. - It also seems Willall racing do some sort of device to electronically turn off the EGR without check lights / limp mode on the autos. - I've asked Martin for some more info.
Also, I read that the D22 ZD30 EGR plates fit, just need the holes elongated slightly.

Yeh, I had mine turned completely off when it was dyno tuned. It's a lot more expensive than just a plate though but worth the money for the extra power.


Sep 23, 2020
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Just fitted the EGR full blank. Here is how I done mine.
1. remove two fuel lines from the injector cover very easy just squeeze and pull
2. remove 1 cable from the fuel filter green connector
3. remove two nuts from fuel filter cradle move filter assembly to one side, now you can see the EGR Tube.
4. remove two coolant line bolts 1 on the EGR pipe the other is just below it hard to see (10mm socket)
5. remove 2 bolts from the EGR pipe (10mm) near the coolant ones.
6. Remove 2 bolts from the other end of the EGR pipe (8mm)
7. use a leaver to move the coolant line out of the way at the same time twisting the EGR pipe towards you. This is so there is a tail that goes down into the engine manifold to come out. so needs to roll towards you to clear.
assembly is the reverse.
To bleed the fuel system. turn the ignition on don't touch the brake or clutch. You will hear the fuel pump and some noise from the fuel rail then a click and it is primed ready to start. Very easy for filter changes. Easiest diesel to prime i have owned.
I used 0.6mm stainless steel to make my blank don't think you could go much thicker as it will twist the assembly and possibly the bolts at] the other end will not line up.
Is this for d23..


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Jan 25, 2011
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birkdale brisbane
I fitted a ERG blanking plate to my D22 some years ago , but this time i decided to fit a Provent 200 and seeing that the ERG blacking plate is illegal i went the safer option and here are the reasons why .
The EGR blanking plate blocks the recirculation of some of your exhaust gasses. A catch can captures crank case gasses to stop them being re circulated. 2 completely separate systems, so you need both a blanking plate, and a catch can to get the cleanest fuel burn!

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