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Sep 30, 2016
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Here is a review of the Noco GB40 jumpstarter. In short, don't bother with this one if your aim is to start anything larger than a motor bike IMO. Apparently the GB 70 does actually work and will start a car with a run down battery, but at around 3 times the price of this one.

It's advertised rating is 1,000 "peak" amps which is somewhat meaningless anyway and it is claimed to be designed for up to a 6 litre petrol or 3 litre diesel engine. So far I have found the following.

On a 1.5 litre engine where the battery was low and the starter wasn't turning quick enough to fire up the engine, the GB40 made no noticeable difference. On a 1.8 litre petrol engine that had a drained battery from sitting too long and was't turning over at all, it also made no difference whether the GB40 was connected or not. It still wouldn't turn the engine over at all. On a 3 litre diesel that was turning over, but not fast enough, it also simply made no noticeable difference whether this thing was hooked up or not. A jumper start from the battery of another running vehicle was required in all these instances.

The only I have had any success starting is a 12.5 hp lawn mower. It would probably be ok for motorcycles also.

A lot of the reviews where people start all sorts of vehicles with this thing are iffy to say the least. The links below offer a couple of more realistic reviews. One where different units are bench tested and outputs measured. As seen below this unit is measured at around 240 CCA and is probably never going to start anything much.

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Jan 31, 2017
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great video, i have gooloo , to work i have to push the boost button , hard to get at need a birro or simillar item ,, 19v on these is for laptop operation

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