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Jul 19, 2022
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Hello everyone, I have a Nissan Navara 2010 4x2 D40/YD25 Engine with about 150,000 KM on the odo.
The car has been used in my family's farm with loading and such for the past months (got the pick up back a month ago for its usual maintanance)

As of late, I notice there is alot of vibration more noticeably in the passenger (but there's a shared vibration in the cabin) seat area whenever being driven (specially when at faster speed). Also it seems like the car self-drifts towards the right (passenger seat) whenever its suppose to go straight.

I have done the following checks:

1. Visual inspections of the bushings of upper arms, lower arms, inner/outer rods connector assemblies - did not find any broken and faulty bushing and joints.

2. Performed the 9-3pm / 12-6pm shakes on the tires - tires were intact.

2.1 Visually checked the tires and also swapped the tires around , to ensure its not tires related. Issue persisted

2.2 The air in the tires were balances as per requirements.

3. The brakes were recently replaced.

4. I have yet to checked the suspension system; shock absorber/spring since I believe checking this out is hard work (at least based on Youtube videos)

5. I have also read/watched videos related to the issue I am facing pointing towards engine mounts.

Has anyone ever experienced this? What was your resolution.


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Oct 3, 2009
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Mid Coast Region, NSW, Australia
There might be a couple of things happening here.

The very first thing I'd check is the front and rear drive shafts. If you get under the vehicle and try shaking them they should not move. If you detect some movement, the first thing to examine is the universal joint - these are a common wear item and easily replaced.

The other thing to check is the wheel alignment. The D40 does have an issue with the factory-provided range of alignment - apparently not enough castor angle adjustment (I believe, I'd have to ask my local tyre guy to make sure). This could be causing the 'drifting' although a car with perfect alignment will have a tendency to go "down the hill" - in Australia, where we drive on the left and sit to the left of the crown (high point) of the road, our cars have a natural tendency to turn left rather than just going straight, and this tendency is more pronounced with a high crown in the road. Some alignment guys try to cater for this by adjusting the steering to pull the car slightly to the right (so you'd get yours done to pull the car slightly to the left). I don't know that this is a good approach - I'd imagine that it will keep the car straighter but only on roads of the same camber. I imagine that it wouldn't increase tyre wear significantly, because you'd be doing the same thing with the steering wheel anyway!