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Sep 7, 2020
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Hi guys

I'm just about to buy my first car, I have got a little bit of savings but not a lot so looking on the cheaper end of the scale of 4WDs, I was wondering if some of you could point me in the right direction.

Ive been looking at the Navara D40 recently and I was hoping if some of you could list some pros, cons and some common problems the Navaras have such as the clutch problems

Or if you can suggest other models that are good and around the same price tag



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Sep 23, 2011
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North of 16 deg.s South.
Ok I'll have a go.
Pro's- Very comfortable ute and nice to drive even compared to the very latest utes. They are quiet and good to do a long trip in.

Cons- There are a few but getting the right variant can mittigate some of the cons. Generally the later the better. If your looking at the manual version, clutches can be problematic. The Thai version ones after about July 2011 went to a single mass flywheel. They are not quite so silky smooth, slight harshness around 1,700 rmp but they last. Having said that alot depends on the previous drivers/owners where they have towed anything and how they drove it. While were on that Thai ones have a serial number starting with VNT and spanish built ones VSK. Generaly easy way to tell is Spanish ones have the car radio antenna on the roof and Thai on the left front guard.

Timming chains can be an issue to but after about 2011/12 the bottom timing chain was stronger and give less problems. Pays to get this checked.

DPF's can give problems but not all have them. Manuals generally don't but Auto's do.

Suspenssion- Nothing bad in it's self, however but if you want to give it a lift you'll run into wheel alighnment problems. You can't lift these utes any more than 50mm without getting aftermarket control arms or the top wishbone/control arm has very little downward travel before it hits the coil bucket. Thai built utes are a little better with alingnment as they have front and back adjustment on the lower control arm. Good thing about D40's is you generally don't run into CV angle problems like Hiluxes when giving them a lift.

Like any vehicle service history is paramount. Make sure it has one. I change my oil every 5,000K and fuel filter every 7,500k's. Probably over kill but never had a problem of any sort.

Edit- What is your price tag? If you looking at other models/ makes and don't want to pay the Toyota tax look at Colorado/Isuzu around the same price. Bit slower and noisier but great engine/drive line.
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