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Sep 28, 2016
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After a few weeks of trying to work out what tyres to get i wventually settled on the falken wildpeak.at3w a/t
5000k on them and im deffinately happy with the purchase .theyre a bit more aggressive than the bridgestone duellers that were on my ute when i bought it
Definately deeper tread and chunkier than some a/t tyres out there
So heres my opinions
,cost $219 a poece
Road noise....no worse than the duellers
Off road...only a coule of trips to noosa but handled the dry shitty sand crossing onto the beach pretty well
Wear....only 5000 on them but ot seems minimal
Would i buy them again....definately

The swing vote for these tyres over the duellers ,or nitto terra grapplers i was looking at was,when i went into the tyre shop to get some info the guy behind the desk replied to my question with this comment..See my cruiser,the blue hilux and the np300 out there..all clad with the falkens..wheather that means much i dont know but i thought what the hell gimme 5 of em......

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