Electrical Issues - Have Lost Wipers, Indicators, Tail Lights, Hazards and LH Headlight - HELP!

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Luke Bergsma

Nov 21, 2021
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Hey all,

so the other day I went to drive my car (nissan navara D22 3.3l V6 2005 VG engine) and the wipers, indicators, hazards, tail lights, and LH headlight didn't work. The night before I installed a wiring harness for a light bar (have installed heaps before on other cars) and as soon as I turned on accessories to check if it was working the LH headlight didn't work. I thought this was just an issue with the piggy back connection for the driving light harness but thought nothing more and packed it in for the evening (I didn't run any cables in through the firewall or near and existing lumes). So when I realized I had lost much more accessories the next morning I wasn't sure if it was coincidence or something was already on its way out.

Since finding this out I have been in diagnosing mode I have conducted multiple tests and is definitely a short because the fuses for each of these items just blow straight away. I have downloaded the cars wiring diagrams and with actual tests realized that wipers, indicators and hazards are coming off one relay and the LH headlight and taillights are on another relay. So it isn't a relay issue because other things that are run off those same relays are still working. I have power coming into the fuse box but there's a short when you try and close the circuit to operate each accessory.

I currently have a million thoughts running through my head about what the solution is i.e. rewiring job, damaged fuse board etc. but I'm really lost at the moment. Has anyone experienced anything like this? and/or have any suggestions about further testing I could do and possible solutions? it just seems so strange that I have lost multiple accessories at the same time with no real explanation. at a complete crossroad. please help.

Thank you


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Oct 3, 2009
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Mid Coast Region, NSW, Australia
I suggest you have a look at the earths for these things, there's a good chance that something's not earthed correctly and is trying to draw its power through the rest of the system. It's happened before!

Clean battery terminals, check the main cable from battery negative to the engine block etc ... make sure stereo is earthed properly or it will draw current through the instrument cluster (which could create all sorts of random issues!).

Good luck!