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Sep 30, 2016
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Here's a review of a set of cheap off road tyres (cheap at the time anyway). For those with idealogical, political or racial objections to the purchase of such tyres due to the point of origin, this thread isn’t for you and there’e no need to read on. Don’t do it to yourself lol. For those interested in an honest cheap tyre review though, it might be of use.

Having tried such cheap tyres before out of necessity (all I could afford at the time) and unfortunately finding them utter crap without exception, I thought it might be interesting to see if they have improved much.

The short review is that these are the best ute tyres I have ever had (for the style of driving I do, which includes lots of remote off roading). Though I have never had top end “name brand” tyres that cost 2-3 times the price these were purchased for, so can offer no direct comparison there. I also notice that the price of these has now gone up considerably anyway (got 4 of them in 265/70 for $600 fitted).

They are marketed as an “MT” style tyre, though IMO are really more of a genuine “AT”. As most of the tyres now sold as “AT’s” are basically highway tyres with advertising hype anyway IMO. Most of them don’t even have the heavy duty construction that should be the bare minimum to be advertised as being capable “off road”. At any rate I ran around for quite a while on Toyo “HT’s” that performed as good as any of the mid priced ($200-250) brand name AT’s I have used (Dunlop, Toyo, Pirelli, Bridgestone etc).

The main thing I looked for was reliability (strength). These are particularly strong especially the sidewalls, they don’t deform or bulge the way “AT’s” do when when I let the pressure down (usually 18-20 psi, though I have had them down much lower in slippery conditions). No flats, though I have picked up some tek screws. Only one made it through the tread and needed a plug (it didn’t leak at all, only noticed it when I rotated them) several others just required removing as they didn’t reach past the tread blocks.

The surprising thing with these is how well they drive on the highway. Noticeably better than any of the mid priced brand name “AT’s” or even mid priced passenger car radials I have driven on. Especially in the wet. I was expecting them to be iffy lol.

As soon as I hit dirt road I let the pressure down commensurately and these are very comfortable, especially over corrugations, they seem to help the (lack of) suspension. The tread blocks really grip the road also and stop much quicker than “AT’s” which tend to lock up and skid over the surface on gravel roads. A few critters are very lucky I had these tyres on.

I got these after going through one particular steep track with lots of rock ledges and loose shale type of stuff. The Pirelli scorpions I had got a shard straight through the tread completely stuffing one tyre, a large precarious looking gouge in the sidewall of another and in general were cut to pieces (I wouldn’t recommend them for anything other than “light” offloading, not strong enough).

I have been through the same track since on these latest tyres, basically without a scratch.

Another comparison is the same track where I had a steep exit out of a gorge for about 5km in the snow. The “AT’s” struggled and once I hit tar was still in 2nd/3rd gingerly going up steeper parts because of spinning wheels. In similar conditions the tyres I have now did the same thing noticeably easier and once I hit tar was able to comfortably chug along in 4th at about 60-70 kph. A big difference.

Though in general dry low range 4wd conditions at low speed, not really any noticeable performance difference.

A few negatives are…road noise. Not that bad really, but it is noticeable. They’re also heavier with more rolling resistance, so I wouldn't get these (or any sort of muddies) if most of your driving is in the city as you know these things are on when taking off lol. Fuel consumption has also gone from 9.5 to 10.5 - 11 litres per hundred kms.

After a little over 40,000kms they are starting to lose grip off road, though looking at them I could probably get another 10 - 15k of highway driving, which isn’t suffering at all yet. From people who use muddies all the time and do similar type of driving I’m told this is about average though, regardless of brand.

All in all, for the price, they have been an excellent and reliable off road tyre.
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