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Jul 26, 2022
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Hi to All,

I’m new here, and have the D40 as a company car. The car is running well, has 313000 kms on the clock, Unfortunately I have a problem with the aircon. When I turn on the A/C, cold air is coming, as it should be. When I drive the car i the town, it-‘s working properly, but when I drive on the motorway, the aur becomes warm and seems if the compressor was switched off. When I stop and restart the engine, its working again. Sometimes its working for an hour, sometimes maybe for ten minutes. I dont know, if its depending on engine speed or outside temperature etc, but I observed, when I restart the engine, near the A/C the air circulation is swiched on too, I dont think its normal. Even if I switch it off (fresh air), the aircon goes out as mentioned, the A/C is lighting, but there”s no cold air anymore.
The condensator of the aircon and the soace between engine radiator and condensator were cleaned. The system was filled with aircon coolant. I thought there”s not enough coolant in the system or maybe its dirt between the condensator amd the engine radiator.
I still have the problem, and it’s not really OK driving at 35-40 degrees Celsius in a black car without aircon.
Yesterday I was driving through Austria without a stop, and the aircon was working good. Today there were two trips with each of 150 kms, one in the early hours, the aircon was OK, one in the afternoon (awful hot), the ac went out after 10kms, I had to drive with opened windows on the motorway, was not really good at all.
The engjne temp is normal, never goes up. I think it should be an electrical problem, maybe a sensor, maybe the ac controller (?). Does someone had the same or a smiliar problem?

Thanks a lot in advance

Kind regards


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Oct 3, 2009
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Mid Coast Region, NSW, Australia
Your temperature gauge might show that the temp is normal, but getting a reading from the ECU might be different (the gauge is not an accurate measure).

If the coolant temperature rises too high, the car will turn off the compressor for the air conditioning because (a) it increases the load on the engine and (b) the heat from the condensor (which is inbetween the intercooler and the radiator) will increase the coolant temp and reduce the radiator's effectiveness.

Usually if higher constant speed driving causes the engine to heat up it's a blocked radiator. A thermal image will show some parts of the radiator as quite cool even though the car is at normal temperature. Rather than cleaning the radiator, replacing it with a new one may be cheaper (it is, here in Australia).

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