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Nov 2, 2023
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Gold Coast
I’ve got a D22 single cab, trayback with a YD25 engine. Thailand built.
Got a few things to be done to it;
The A/C doesn’t work - yet to diagnose that one.
The power steering is clunky & noisy. Traced that to the belt. Haven’t decided yet if that’s DIY or a shop job.
The oil looks like crude! 😂 I hope to do an oil flush & change tomorrow.
It’s got an aftermarket cruise control that does not appear to be operational.
I need a cup holder or 2.
It pulls to the left a bit, I guess that’ll be a trip to the shop for an alignment check & wheel balance.
And the battery was flat so the radio needs to be unlocked. Unfortunately the card of codes has not survived, so I imagine that’s a trip to the local dealers.

Any recommendations for a diagnostic tool are welcome (I also own a Land Rover Discovery) 😉.