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Jun 8, 2020
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Yesterday at 9:12 PM
Hi all,

I bought a d22 ZD30 06 end of last year and I just start to do a bit of upgrade.
A couple of weeks ago I bought and OCAM platform and I’ve been told to drill the roof for installed the base. I felt that wasn’t a good idea so, I am thinking to buy a set of rails for the roof obviously with the clips at the door frame, without drilling the roof and installed a platform on it.
I would like to ask you guys if you have any recommendations on a set of rails which are also pretty low.


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Jan 7, 2010
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I have rhino racks, they are roof bars that are mounted to a rail that is riveted to the roof. the clamp on roof bars are possibly ok but not going to be as sturdy, check the weight ratings for rhino track mount vs clamp on roof bars.


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Sep 30, 2016
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I have Rhino Rack roof racks, the type that clamp on the doorframe, and they have been excellent. Got them off fleabay for a couple hundred dollars. I take them off when not travelling which is quick and easy enough to do. Use a basket with them that takes the second spare and some camping equipment. Have been all round the centre via Simpson desert, toured the Victorian high country as well as lots of shorter camping trips with them and they have been excellent.

They are higher than the low profile factory Nissan ones that mount on a rail riveted to the roof, by perhaps an inch or two. Same load rating though (80 kilos).

Been a while

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Dec 18, 2017
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Jump on jewtube and have a look at the issues with these rails being mounted! The rivets/bolts need a "Fish Plate" or washers, preferably "Fish Plate" to get the load ratings right and safe... plenty of stories of shonky fittings and these things "with ALLLLLL the crap on them" coming off and landing in the dirt...

Surely the metal shop teacher at school would have shown these morons how two metals plates can shear a bolt! You need full length fish plates and ALL holes need to be dressed/de-bured/countersunk...

Dont let anyone tell you you dont need to remove the head lining for fitment either! You'll end up with some smasher telling you, "brahhhhmaaaate, it's alright mmaaaate, bruhh, you dont need to remove the lining, bruhhh we know how to do it without removing it bruhhhh... see bruhh, we just drill a shite load more holes and fit more rivets! Bruhhhhhh We know how far we can go with the drill blah blah blah blah give me your money fool blah blah blah"....

Pop the head lining and USE full length Fish plates that pick up all the pop rivets! You can even use "Panel Washers" but I would be taking it to a fabricator/engineer and discussing it with him regarding the mounting and the WEIGHT you intend to carry... Just because these 4x4 accessory shops look the goods they can also sell crap and fit it with just as much vigour... 90% of these 4x4 shops are run by self taught know it alls !
Just ask ARB, the police spent 6 months in Gympie taking brand new 4x4's off the road because of what those twats sold and fitted... lol, yup, all these brand new $$$fully fitted$$$$ units being pulled and made to remove all that's been fitted, some thing to do with air bags and the breaking systems... yeahhhhh brakes, and that's ARB!!
When ever some twat selling 4x4 crap ends thier SALES pitch with "oh yeah mate, this is what they all use bruh" turn and walk out!

Go drive through your local industrial section of town and find yourself a welder fabricator/engineer... Be at thier door when thier opening up and you may find one willing to work with you and share his knowledge with you...
Taking a 6 pack late Friday works well too bloke ;) or late Wednesday lol everyone just want home on a Friday huh

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