CATCH CANS & EGR explained in detail! Why your diesel’s clogging up & losing power - how to fix it

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Jan 31, 2017
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This is interesting copy and paste above title onto YOU TUBE. Explains the benefit of the Provent 200 catch can and why you must not block the EGR on a turbo engine (for those who dont understand electronics on modern engines).Also paste this on Youtube Provent 200 oil catch can PROS & CONS - Nissan Patrol (dont feed oil back into motor) It seems ideal time to fit the Provent 200 is from new. I would presume that one would need to consider cleaning the egr tube and inlet manifold on a fouled engine and then fitting a new catch can system.. Also another link why you dont feed the catch oil back into the motor.. I only ever cleaned one oiled gunket up inlet manifold (done 140th klms)by removing the throttle body , modifed a soft rubber spatula that had a fixed handle (you dont want the handle seperating whilst in the manifold)trimmed rubber to make a flat end , poked about 4 pieces of wire through the spatular then bent it over to form a lip ,then shaped it for the inner surface.. i dragged out 1/2 cup of slime.This will only work if you have room to reach the far end and be able to drag all the way out( a job only 1/2 done).Best way is to remove inlet manifold and egr tube soak in petrol or degreaser,you will need new gaskets


Oct 3, 2009
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Mid Coast Region, NSW, Australia
Some of the video is quite educational and quite accurate (particularly in the effect that the combination of EGR and PCV have on the intake manifold). However, there's no effect on the intercooler by EGR - only the intake manifold, because the EGR valve is located on the front end of the intake manifold.

The intercooler does indeed chock up with the oily residue from the PCV, and becomes less efficient too. But the video smells more like an infomercial which detracts from it. It's still informative and explains blow-by rather well.

Yes, catch cans are good and if you can fit one, it's a good move. Blocking the EGR isn't as easy to do with newer models as it is with older cars that don't have EGR flow sensors, so in a newer car I'd recommend a catch can even more than in an older one.

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