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Apr 16, 2017
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Perth Western Australia
According to the information I have on the Nissan Spec sheet the D22 DX 4x4 single cab is as follows ;
Tare mass is 1559 kg without the tray
Carry capacity 1301 kg without the tray
Gross vehicle mass 2860 kg, the same as a dual cab.
In saying that, the lighter the tray fitted to a single cab the more pay load. An that would be the same for a dual cab if a tray swap was done. If the tare weight can be reduced then the pay load can be increased but still not above the GVM.
I can try and post the sheet if any one wants it for information.

grumpy too

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Nov 11, 2019
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southern riverina NSW Aust
Thats interesting that GVM stays the same for both which probably means that with a 3000 kg towbar the GCM would be or might be 5860 for tray models but 5660 for tubs, doesn't make any difference in my case as don't need 3000kg so limited by 2860kg for GVM and be well under GCM.
Reworking aluminium tray which is much lighter than a steel one here and now using plastic water tanks (124L cap) but expect two fuel tanks will be 70kg+ (250L cap) heaps when full but not going to be full often and only when going to remote areas, crate/body on tray is not too heavy but might leave roof rack off, will see how we go as I keep adding.;)

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