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$600 navara

Aug 28, 2022
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Brisbane australia
Hi all,
Needed a second car and bought a 2009 dual cab spanish build D40 from the neighbour for $600. It blew a heater hose and cooked the engine. He pulled the engine and parked it up. Went over to see how much he wanted. Opened the door and it was mouldy inside. Had lots of rain in Brisbane lately and water had got into the cabin. He’s a good guy and sold it to me for $600.

Pulled the insides completely out and cleaned and treated. All good. Needed a tub and canopy, luckily got both in the same colour second hand. Canopy was mint and like new. $850, this type $3700 to buy new! Putting a new motor together now from Should go in soon. Had to get new injectors too. Had new tyres fitted before putting off the road, still has the rubbers nipples attached! He also remapped the ECU. Cost $1800.

So, overall hoping it was a good buy.

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