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Rabbit Chop 2

Aug 31, 2022
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Hi, formerly known as Rabbit chop, and rabbid chop, i keep forgetting my passwords and emails lol. Im a single dad now and working full time, so been busy. Shout out to the single mums out there.
Owner of a 2004 d22 since new.
Been a trusty workhorse, ive looked after it, but the pump took a shit a month ago at 350k, one month booking time at local diesel specialist, and now ive been told it has low compression (300 and lower)
But the thing was driving great. Had a plethora of performance add ons: chip, zorst, i/c, etc, etc

Anyway, its time to do some soul searching, get the full engine rebuild for 15k? Or just the pump for 5.5k?

In the month lead time ive been working out the back of a lancer (the baby seat car) and hiring a ute when i need it.

Anyway, i just cant justify a brand new engine on a 350k ute. Ive had a month to decide to sell the other property and buy a new ute in a year or so.
Would i get my money back selling it?
Would sub 300 compression be ok? (It was running good!)
Would it be dishonest to sell the ute like that?
Decisions decisions

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