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Jul 11, 2022
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Riverina, NSW
Hey all,
I recently bought a 2010 D40 (VSK) for cheap from the auctions (I love a gamble). As expected there are some issues. Driving away from the auctions it lacked power and my first thoughts were the MAF sensor, it felt exactly the same as when the MAF sensor on a Patrol I owned failed. The Airbag light was also flashing. I did manage to drive it the 400kms home but it was a long slow drive with a trail of white/grey smoke. Temps stayed normal and I didn't lose any oil or fluids during the trip.

The following day I finally got a chance to have a good look. Went straight underneath and there was old oil everywhere around the sump and block. Didn't look like there was anything there from the recent trip and nothing on the ground. Traced it back up the left side of the engine back to the oil filler cap, maybe the previous owner had a failed cap, replaced it and didn't clean up? My paranoia set in and wasn't satisfied with that reasoning so I dropped the oil, it was sludge. I noticed it had the wrong oil filter when changing them out, not sure if that would cause issues. I did a double oil flush and change thinking it might uncover any hidden leaks or knocks in the engine, it's idling and revving smoother than ever. I have never seen an air filter that was so black, replaced it as well as the fuel filter. Started digging around the turbo area and the hot pipe was replaced with aluminium somewhere along the line but was not connected properly at the intercooler side. The sump didn't look right, it was probably fine but I removed it anyway to get a good look from the bottom.
Tested the glow plugs and only 2 were good.

I've since cleaned the MAF and ordered a replacement, fixed the issue with the hotpipe, engine fully cleaned, replaced glow plugs, sump removed cleaned and resealed, all visible electrical checked, no rust in the chassis and all the other basic stuff.

I ended up buying an iCarsoft CR Pro scanner, brilliant little unit, figured it would pay for itself over time.
Ok, so I got a few codes.


P0581 and B1049 are both caused by a faulty clock spring according to what I could find online. I have a replacement sitting there ready to swap out.
The P1808 are the abs sensors which makes sense, when I was reading live data it would only pick up 3 of the 4 abs sensors, the front left has an issue.
C1163 🤷‍♂️

I did a compression test and the numbers were:

Cyl 1 - 2551kpa
Cyl 2 - 2480kpa
Cyl 3 - 2060kpa
Cyl 4 - 2585kpa

According to the Gregorys manual the minimum is 2500kpa and the standard 3100kpa. :oops:
I don't really want to start pulling the engine apart. I should probably do a leak-down test.

I took a printout of the ECU data while the engine was idling. I will list the results at the bottom if anyone is interested in looking at it, maybe you will notice something off with the numbers.

NISSAN_EN_TEST_00011>NISSAN>Smart Scan>ECM(Engine Control Module)>View Data>ALL Signals:
Total Frame: 1 , Supported Items: 112
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Frame 1/1:
Coolan Temperature/S ----- 47°C
Vehicle Speed Sensor ----- 0km/h
Accelerate Position Sensor ----- 0.76V
Battery Voltage ----- 14.16V
BARO Sensor ----- 100.26kPa
Fuel Temperature Sensor ----- 22°C
Target F/INJ ----- 7.20mm³/st
Targ Injector Timing ----- 3.50°CA
TC V/N Cont/V ----- 80.47%
PTO Status ----- Off
Alternator Duty ----- 0%
Fuel ConsumP ----- N/A
Accelerate Sensor 2 ----- 0.38V
Battery Temperature Sensor ----- 2.12V
INT/M Loop SE ----- 98kPa
ACT CR Press ----- 40MPa
Cylinder Count ----- 4
Exhaust Gas PRS Sensor 1 ----- 0.92V
Map Sensor ----- 0V
Exhaust Gas PRS Sensor 2 ----- 0kPa
E/R Air TMP/S ----- 50°C
A/F Sensor 1 ----- 2200mV
A/F Sensor 2 ----- 2200mV
ETC Open ANGL ----- 83.50°
Thrtl Sensor ----- 3920mV
EGR/V Angle ----- 37.50°
EGR V/POS Sensor ----- 2700mV
A/F Sensor 1 ----- 0V
IAT Sensor 2 ----- 3.04V
EGT Sensor 1 ----- 4.62V
CKPS-rpm(TDC) ----- 752.05rpm
MAS AIR/FL SE ----- 1.50V
INT/A Volume ----- 326.94mg/st
CKPS-rpm(TDC) ----- 751.56rpm
TRVL After MIL ----- 0km
Main Injector WID ----- 495.50us
PILOT Injector WID ----- 370us
Pilot Interval ----- 3.22°CA
Pump Current ----- 1686mA
FR EX TMP Sensor ----- 80°C
RR EX TMP Sensor ----- 80°C
BAT Current Sensor ----- 3.05V
SL TRG Vehicle Speed ----- 655.35km/h
AC Press Sensor ----- 0.79V
Vehicle Speed Sensor ----- 0km/h
Set Vehicle Speed ----- 39.99km/h
Inject Q/L Cylinder 1-A ----- -0.05
Inject Q/L Cylinder 2-A ----- -0.05
Inject Q/L Cylinder 3-A ----- -0.04
Inject Q/L Cylinder 4-A ----- -0.03
Inject Q/L Cylinder 1-B ----- -0.02
Inject Q/L Cylinder 2-B ----- -0.02
Inject Q/L Cylinder 3-B ----- -0.02
Inject Q/L Cylinder 4-B ----- -0.04
Inject Q/L Cylinder 1-C ----- -0.03
Inject Q/L Cylinder 2-C ----- -0.03
Inject Q/L Cylinder 3-C ----- -0.04
Inject Q/L Cylinder 4-C ----- -0.04
Inject Q/L Cylinder 1-D ----- -0.03
Inject Q/L Cylinder 2-D ----- -0.04
Inject Q/L Cylinder 3-D ----- -0.04
Inject Q/L Cylinder 4-D ----- -0.04
Air Condition Signal ----- Off
Ignition Switch ----- On
OFF Accelerate SW ----- On
P/N Position Switch ----- On
Start Signal ----- Off
Warm Up SW ----- Off
Brake Switch ----- Off
Brake Switch 2 ----- Off
Fuel Tank Switch ----- Off
PW/ST Signal ----- Off
PTO Emgcy SW ----- Off
VHCL LMT SW ----- Off
A/C Relay ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Cooling Fan ----- Off
Glow Relay ----- Off
Engine Mount ----- Trvl
Engine Status ----- Steady
Brake Switch 1 ----- Off
Brake Switch 2 ----- Off
Cancel Switch ----- Off
Main Switch ----- Off
Resume/ACC Switch ----- Off
Set Switch ----- Off
Cruise Lamp ----- Off
Set Lamp ----- Off
ASCD Apply ----- Yes
SL Apply ----- Off
VDC Apply ----- Yes
Kickdown Position ----- Off
SL Limit Lamp ----- Off
SL Main Switch ----- Off
SL Set Lamp ----- Off
ALT Duty Signal ----- Off
Load Signal ----- Off
BST PRSR Diag 1 B1 ----- N/A
DPF Diag 1 B1 ----- N/A
DPF Diag 2 B1 ----- N/A
EXH Leak DIAG1 ----- N/A
FR A/F S Diag 1 B1 ----- N/A
FR A/F S Diag 2 B1 ----- N/A
RR A/F S Diag 1 B1 ----- N/A
RR A/F S Diag 2 B1 ----- N/A
OC Diag 1 ----- N/A
OC Diag 2 ----- N/A
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Oct 3, 2009
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Mid Coast Region, NSW, Australia
Older engines will have lower compression figures, the more important figure is the difference between pressures obtained. A wet test is called for, with particular attention to cyl 3. If pressures don't change a lot, I'd suspect either a leaking valve (almost unheard of, but never say never!) or a head gasket/head issue.

It's odd with a coolant temp of 47C that your glows are off. ECU is supposed to keep the glows on until coolant reaches about 85C (which is about the time the thermostat - not controlled by the ECU - opens).

There are also two figures for RPM from the crank sensor that don't quite match, they look like they're taken at intervals (because the ECU constantly varies fuel input by tiny amounts).

I wasn't aware that the 2010 car had an EGT sensor unless that particular reading is off the DPF (auto?).

The Steering Angle Sensor needs to be reset after a wheel alignment, and your gadget may be able to do that. It may also be triggered by a faulty ABS component (which you suspect is the problem on the front left). The wheel bearing assembly contains the ABS ring and the teeth in the ring readily accumulate debris when the bearing starts to disintegrate.
Jul 11, 2022
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Riverina, NSW
Thanks, Old Tony,
This is great information.

I'll do another compression test today, I have a feeling the engine wasn't at temp last time. Not sure if it will make a difference as some stuff I read stated to test it cold, others stated at operating temp. If no change I will do a wet test as you suggested.

I didn't know the glows stayed on until reaching 85C. Two plugs that were dead were replaced but couldn't replace all four as no one local had stock so had to order online. Nothing worse than waiting around for parts to arrive. The other 2 arrive today according to tracking.

I have heard this a few times regarding the EGT sensor on a 2010 model. Mines the 140kw 6sp manual (Spanish) which I believe was released mid-that year with the minor facelift, maybe the 126kw engine didn't have one? I could be wrong. I heard there can be issues with the EGT valve.

All of the abs sensors will be swapped out as a precaution. I will check out the bearing assembly as well. Thanks for your advice.

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